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Akshaykumar : Life lessons from Bollywood star
August 18, 2016
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He wears his discipline like an armour and tackles four films a year when others stick to one. Akshay Kumar on how his personal habits and his family have been the bedrock of his stardom

“I have one life, and I want to enjoy it. I want to spend enough time with my children.”
Apart from his wife and children, his extended support system includes his mother, sister Alka and her husband, real estate developer Surendra Hiranandani.

“He is so grounded that sometimes you forget that he is a superstar,” says Twinkle. “The credit for this goes to his parents. It’s the way they have brought him up. Both Akshay and Alka treat elders with respect, and are family-oriented people.”

She says her husband rarely gets ruffled or tense. “At most, his reaction is, ‘Give me 10 minutes’. And then he falls asleep. When he wakes up from his nap, he goes on as if nothing happened. He has a supremely disciplined mind.”


In all this, Kumar draws inspiration from Bollywood’s biggest star Amitabh Bachchan. “Amitji’s hunger and greed to succeed hasn’t died to date. I look at him and try to absorb his qualities. Bachchan saab has seen failure, but then he gathered enough courage and brought himself back. Until recently, he worked out with me regularly for almost a year at a hotel gym every morning at 5 am. Nobody his age can pursue such a regimen. That’s what makes him a superstar,” says Kumar.

A Disciplined Man
It isn’t easy to keep up with the larger-than-life Khans who dominate the film industry. Here, he draws from the discipline inculcated in him by his father, the late wrestler Hari Om. By virtue of the way he was brought up, the actor rarely attends late night parties (he calls it a day by 10 pm), abstains from alcohol, and follows a routine that would make an army general proud.

In an era where actors insist on doing just one film a year, Kumar’s almost regimented lifestyle enables him to wrap up four films with minimal fuss. Director Murugadoss, who worked with Kumar on Holiday, says, “It is sheer discipline on his part. He remains fresh for every shoot, is never late on the sets, and reports to work at whatever time the director wants him to come. He understands what’s needed from him, and finishes his scenes quickly.” ( commitment and punctuality )

A martial arts practitioner and a sixth-degree black belt holder in Karate, Kumar has been following a strict schedule for 30 years. His day starts at 5 am with a workout. He doesn’t pump iron, but relies on cardio—running, cross-training, climbing walls and Parkour, a variant of military obstacle course training—to get toned and fit.
( fitness first )

He also eschews artificial supplements, and indulges in a 7 am breakfast of a large rich “Ayurvedic laddoo” (ideal for a pregnant woman, says his wife), porridge, nuts, vegetable juice, cranberries and scrambled egg whites.
( Nutrition balance )

Years of martial arts training have given him an edge, says Twinkle. “He is able to consistently perform and accomplish his tasks. He can ignore a tired body or mind, and pushes himself constantly,” she says.

The actor rarely relies on a body double for complicated and dangerous stunts. He is currently shooting for Karan Johar’s film Brothers (slated for an October 2015 release), where he performs mixed martial arts (MMA), and comes home with bruises after a fight scene. He has shed 12 kg for the role, which demands agility and youth. MMA professionals from other countries have been flown in to help him train.


On completion of 25 years in bollywood, A Kumar reveals out that let me start for another 25 years. After that, we will talk for bollywood experiences.

A man with nation first spirit is moving forward with excellent habits like sleep early, sound sleep, morning work out, nutrition balance, no late night eating and parties. Keep away himself for extra marital affairs. Following most healthy family practices.

LATEST ENDEAVOR ” RUSTAM” Had surprised all by collections and response. Common man react after watching film : what A fit man!

There are real heros and few of them are real heros. I believe Akshay kumar is making that way very much effectively and showcasing true leadership to follow by common man of world.

Training, though, is just one part of the actor’s mantra. He’s acquired several valuable life lessons since he started his Bollywood journey with a seven-second appearance as a Karate instructor in Mahesh Bhatt’s Aaj (1987).

following 5 rules can inspire you :

1/ Impress international friends by your work

2/ Keep fit. Find time to workout. Love you body!

3/ Find time for family. They are the ones who stood by you.

4/ Its never too late to be a brand model.

5/ Travel in style even when you are greying.( aging older)

( credit : by Deepak Ajwani)

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