August 24, 2013
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Ask your guides ( How to contact your angels and spirit helpers ) by Sonia Choquettte  describe very well about  life of soul in universe.

Your spirit has its own presence – a unique vibration that’s totally distinct from your personality. What activities engage you so fully that you lose yourself? What lift and inspires your soul?

Anyone of these activities expands my senses of who I am and leave me content, fulfill and grounded.

Your first assignment is to feed and nurture your spirit If you are disconnected from, and insensitive to, your spirit, chances are very high that you are also be disconnected  from any input from your guides as well.

Feeling your spirit on a regular basis helps you become more aware of the spirit in all things. Which opens the gateway to connecting to – and being supported by- your spirit guides.

Leave a free period of 15 to 20 minutes; open every week where you answer to no one else but yourself.

Do not forget to share your successes with your angels, since they are your most intimate champions and rejoice in your achievements while ailing you in future projects and endevours.

The best way to get started in connecting with your spirit guides is to spend some time thinking about the areas of your life where they can best be of service.

Make a mental or written list of what you had like to experience that you are not.

When praying, you should not only bare your heart and sould to your creator, but remember to thank it for all of the blessings in your life as well. Prayers of gratitude, in  particular, raise yoru frequency  by opening your heart an d focusing your awareness on all of the love and support that are already present in your life.

Creator of the universe and all forms and expressions that support the goodness of life, thank you has blessed me with today.

I forgive myself for judging and resenting. I release myself from all judgments and resentments, as well as from all negative perceptions. With my breath, I share my spirit with all and return to peace and balance. So be it.


Sonia share her experiences in 313 pages. You could feel power of  spirit and angels and guides. Power of invisible world  helps you in  creating and not creating  lots of events. Supreme is to be aware, understand and acknowledge. Even, if you do not do it , do not make difference to supreme power, certainly to your journey , yes.

The best gift to the world is be happy and make people happy. Remember, you are on planet to be entertained and to create entertainment.



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