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the post-cov-19 Pandemic face is full of challenges and questions.
September 17, 2021
In March 2020, business leaders were faced with the unknown: how to lead their teams through a pandemic and still keep their companies afloat. During our recent C200 event, the Ins & Outs of D.C., Sylvia Burwell, president of American University, shared with our community of successful women in business that this pandemic isn’t over. […]
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Do you know the core part of business in 2021?
August 11, 2021
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CEO of Samsung says: learning is not only a activity of HR but a core part of the business. a key lever for success. And with that shift, the traditional role of the chief learning officer is changing. No longer are CLOs responsible just for training—making skills-based and compliance-oriented courses available to employees and perhaps […]
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guru(Mentor) and Teacher: Responsible and Responsibility.
July 23, 2021
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A teacher instructs you! A guru constructs you! A teacher answers your questions! A guru questions your answer! A Teacher gives you things you do not have and require! A Guru takes away things you have and do not require. A Teacher takes responsibility for your growth! A Guru makes you responsible for your growth. […]
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ONE MISTAKE: Coca-cola loses $4 billion after Cristiano Ronaldo urges fans to drink water.
June 17, 2021
Coca cola loses $4 billion after Cristiano Ronaldo urges fans to drink water. Addressing a pre-match conference during the Euro 2020 cup, football star Christiano Ronaldo had removed some coca cola bottles from the table. … His gesture wiped off $4 Billion from the soft drink giant’s market value as its stocks slumped. One conscious […]
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Negative people: Be happy while responding less.
April 6, 2021
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Negative people the less you respond, more peaceful life will become. Biggest confusion could be how to find out negative people in life? Let me help you. 1/ A person always start with NO. You find him disagree on any of the idea. 2/ A person who is making you an average guy. Not inspiring […]
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care: most wonderful quality of human being in a relationship
January 27, 2021
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Care or control ?? I was in a a consultation with a middle age couple.They started fighting right in front of me. The upset husband said- See doc….I ‘care’ so much for her & this is what I get in return.. To which the fuming wife replied- He doesn’t care…he just ‘controls’…! The care from […]
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Keep stuff: one mistake and the whole performance are ruin out.
January 8, 2021
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Gross as it may be to the sane and normal, this is high stakes stuff. A real professional would never let a little thing like a runny nose to ruin the whole performance. So what if the high speed spins whip this into a frenzy? Professional ethics and code of conduct have certainly big value […]
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November 12, 2020
what is your core strength? Are you able to use strength at 100%? Strength is the life! is how much found true? Shall one use strength at optimum level and eliminate weakness in total? Turning weakness in to strength and after that using those abilities are how much found correct? I have seen couple of […]
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Hard skills get you hired, soft skills get you fired.32 set of skills will shape you better in the 21st century.
September 5, 2020
Essentially, what this means is that you may be fantastic at crunching numbers or developing software (both hard skills) but if you’re difficult to work with and not a team player, (a soft skill) you probably won’t be around for long. Employers want more than just a warm body who has the necessary requirements and […]
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August 13, 2020
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Intensive: “What doesn’t kill us sharpens us. Building life is highly specialized, it’s hard, and it’s capital intensive. My earliest experiences in life management were in the context of intensive retreats. During the second half of life, I had the privilege of living through years of intensive commitment and I realized that people are more […]
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Travel within once in a day
August 7, 2020
If you do not meet yourself in a day than you missed an opportunity to meet the most excellent person in life. Who could be the excellent one rather than you on this planet? you are an asset, treasure, and everything. All words are proved too small to explain your capacity. You are beyond everything […]
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25 Lessons learned from COV-19.
April 22, 2020
The world is passing from the highest challenge. Each day bring new issues and new task. It is becoming extremely difficult to boost spirit and moral level light for anyone. Especially, for the people who are involved in the services as front liners. Even salute can be a too-small word to appreciate the work. I […]
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Game Changer: Life-changing moments.
April 3, 2020
1/ The only most powerful thing you are experiencing on the planet is TODAY. That is why it is called Present. 2/ Prayer is not folding two hands and closing eyes. It is your faith in infinite intelligence. Prayer is not an action to be repeated every day with mechanical feelings. In fact, it is […]
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The language of successful marketing
May 13, 2012
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The best marketing messages have six make-or-break characteristics in common, according to a recent post by Alex Goldfayn Goldfayn’s list suggests marketers should pay careful attention to both what they say and how they say it. In summary, his key insights on successful marketing language include: Simplicity – if you think your current messages are […]
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Shift + Delete = New life
November 5, 2011
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People usually fall into bad habits and as a result have to pay consequences or high price for it because of its effects. Some people have bad experiences and they carry emotions and feeling of that experience for their entire life. Some people have clashes, ups – downs, misunderstanding in relationships. They experience mental block […]
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May 13, 2009
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Presence along with performance attitude is a big problem for HR-HEAD at work place. Managing 100 percentage presences with 100% productive attitude is a dream of every HR Manager. I would like to share two great experiences related with In-Time presence at work place. One of my clients is DOSHION CHEMICALS. An organization globally recognized, […]
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May 8, 2009
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Samuel Beckett said, “Fail, Fail again, Fail better.” Failure is never an end but quitting for lifetime is a permanent failure. Failure is not your failure but it is a feedback to your efforts and you have not received the result which was planned. Your expectations have been proved wrong, not you. Average failure hardly […]
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May 1, 2009
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Albie Morkel was sharing with skipper Dhoni that two great players have walked out of team. Now what can be our stand? Dhoni replied, “We three (Dhoni, Hayden and Oram) can do better. You will influence the team and strengthen the team.” Dhoni as a leader is showing leadership quality. Leader always focus on what […]
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2-year old girl with an IQ of 156
April 30, 2009
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Amazing. YES!!! Elise Tan Roberts with an IQ of 156 is just two years and four months. She has become the youngest member of Mensa, the society strictly for geniuses. It puts her above Carol Vorderman, at 154, and just below Einstein, who was believed to have an IQ about 160. She pressed her fingers […]
Corporate Training Leadership Learnings for Adults Life Motivation soft skill Team Building
We must walk on talk
April 28, 2009
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“People imbibe what they see and learn from senior people or people around them,” said N. R. Narayanamurthy, Chief Mentor of Infosys, recently at the time of releasing his book “A better India, A better world.”   Narayanamurthy is sharing his life experience. If I say to my staff members, “I will come at 10 a.m. […]