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Dr. shailesh Thaker : a creator to be known at least one time.
December 5, 2018
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What are your timings to write down?
Morning 4 a.m. on wards. I am good till afternoon. I am excellent in morning.

What had inspire you to write down?
Swami Satyla Sankalp dasji and Japanese spiritual guru Okawa . They have share an idea, that, what will happened with the knowledge when you will die ? You need documentation it for next generation.

Do you go for re writing?

No. It is only one time. Even, I never read comments which are more than 3479 comments are waiting on blog. I use time to create new article. I do not need it also, as the things are coming out from within. Perfection is an idea or perception. Sometimes, trying is painful. Happening is pleasure. I am every time in happening.

Do you type or write? Have you ever done exercise before writing on an idea ?

I go for typing on laptop. I never do any exercise. I just get up from bed and finish my washroom activities and seat on the writing activity.

Any time have you ever face problems in writing or technical problems?

Never. It is great. in fact, in winter, seating at 5-00 a.m. on swinger with green tea and listening while writing is adding extra spirit in work.

What is the best place to write ?

I can write across the globe. Ground, mountain, farms, rooms, hotel. I have lived in hotel, conferences, travel, airport for more than 6 years.

Do you think emotional ability and stability is essential for writing?

Yes. I am emotionally enabled. I hardly get disturb by life or people or events. Specially, someone very close to my life, share most unusual things which is not at all expected by them. Most of the time, I am okay.

What is the change which you are feeling after writing 64 books?
I become more silent. Loneliness and conscious for time management. Focusing on balance life. i understand that life is nothing but a great gift, let us enjoy it.

Which 3 people had influence you?
J.Krishnamurut, Swami Vivekananada, M.K. Gandhi.

Why you are not found in public life ?
I am more focusing on work and creation and living my life. No regret for people but I am more happy with my selves.

Why you have not selected any glamorous profession or why you have not added in your writing?

It is useless. Glamour or time passing cultures have no end. Tools and techniques could be change , time to time , but it has no FINAL OUTCOME. Let others do and they are doing also.

Why are you found more in silent or loneliness or mature or wise person?

Could be the outcome after work done by me. I like more solitary and meeting my selves. More occupy in thinking.

What had disturbed you lots?
Specially, my people. When they use words badly and reveal out most unpredictable sentiments, than I am extremely disturb.

When you start writing , the whole book is in mind from the page 1 or it develops page by page ?
It depends, sometime, it is change . I have started with thinking but later on it is change. i call it as value addition. More improvise thought.

What is the secret of writing ?

I think each one have to pass from planet. So , one need to be useful to world , before he passed away. I think, I can write and help humanity for thinking not judging.

Why have you selected this format as lots of other format is available?

I never compare my selves with other writers and contributors. But I think, I can do it and doing it .

Can you do multi works at a time when you are writing ?

Yes, lots of time. I live family life, receiving mobiles and attending guest.

What is the outcome or gain which you had earned from 64 books?

I become more silent and love loneliness. Now, Following MIND, SOUL AND ACTION in one gives me immense pleasure. My inner satisfaction level is very high. i find my selves fully feel up with joy and happiness.

Do you ever started with end result? What is your goal while creating writing?
I believe in giving instead of receiving. Earth, sun, moon, river, trees and sand give. Giving is the rule of earth. I am a part of nature so I should give instead of take.
I have done my work, what did I get it in return ? it is never a point for me from day one.

What is the best experience or worst experience?
Best experience is that I have done it. 64 books are over.
Worst experience is that one person asked: how much money you will make after sailing one book .

Do not you think that most hard work is done by you ? specially, when people hardly read a book in one year ?
I do not know that, I know. I have done it. Let us wait for few decades. Earth will be benefited.

What is your final message for society?
Balance your life. Everything is balance.

What is the advantage in becoming global?

You have an aim to help humanity. You can reach to people through technology and you had helped them through knowledge. Finally, your aim is achieve. Helping people in life that aim is achieved.
Do you ever feel constrain in writing online or off line?

No. never..

Today, how many countries are benefited?

More than 164 as per the Google analytics.

How do you see technology?
Use technology but do not become slave to technology.. Be realistic, do not chase dreams while losing legs on ground.

How the worlds have to be in coming 2 to 3 decades?
World shall be competency driven, talent lover and usage of technology will be far much more than 2018. Natural resources shall be used with caution.

What is your current satisfaction level?
10 out of 10.

How do you see world in understanding your books in coming years?

Understanding is not enough, usage of knowledge is important. Application of knowledge is everything. World will apply those learning. But , I can assure that , world will be benefited while using knowledge. I am ready to wait for at least 100 years and many more, it requires.

Can you share link of your work?

of course, YES.!

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Dr Shailesh Thaker

Dr. Shailesh Thaker is a world-renowned management thinker and trainer on organizational behavior and development. He is the CLO of Knowledge Plus Inc., a highly reputed training firm based in Ahmedabad, India, helping organizations to achieve international benchmarks in management practices.

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    “One should give instead of take”. “To be useful to earth” “sharing knowledge”..
    Great thoughts.. Thanks for sharing such a knowledge and experiences..

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