Finally, at the end, all decisions make you
December 14, 2014
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Every success stories you could see that someone have taken bold decision and later on it was prove right by his deeds.
Russian presidents Putin had visited India for 2 days and signs 20 mutual agreements between two countries and strengthen relationship. Now, world leaders could have reactions and reflections on those decisions. But this is going to happen. When, you take decisions, world discuss your actions.
You need to take decisions. Every day. Decision with speed could change scenario of life. Speed is the most important factor in the life. Delay in decisions is nothing but losing an opportunity to be number one or trend setter. Sometimes, i had seen that same decisions are taken over but speed is too slow .Impact is found lost in the matter.
Kendrick Lamar rapper and song writer share experience that at first, I was scared to show fear because you can never be sure how people will perceive you. But I dared myself to do that, to stand out. Now I’ll talk about being beaten up or robbed or making a stupid decision because of a girl or whatever.
While taking decisions you could do right things or wrong things. But not taking decision is worst thing. Doing nothing in the matter and killing great moment is absolute non sense and non meaningful.
Decision could be prove right is bases on lots of factors, like knowledge, wisdom, luck and efforts .My personal observation, after referring huge number of life is that decision making is in the power of you. Gradually, lot of factors prove it right or wrong.
Kathleen Hanna ,American musician and feminist, In 1985, I was living with my sister in Virginia, and since I was still in high school, I worked at McDonald’s to save money to get an abortion. It sounds really terrible, but it was the best decision I ever made. It was the first time I took responsibility for my actions. I messed up, had sex without contraception, and got pregnant at 15.
Sometimes, in order to follow your moral compass or your hearts, you have to make unpopular decisions or stand up for what you believe in. It can be difficult and even frightening to go against the grain, whether it’s a personal disagreement with a friend, partner, or family member or a professional decision that affects people around you. But you need to get up and take decisions in the matter.

You could certainly take time to think on decisions but once it is taken over, stand it by at any cost. Even, the whole world around you is against your decision. Gradually, your actions, efforts, values and personal compass prove that you are right and world is wrong by your results and status. You need to show that you have taken right decision and decision making is right.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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