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Joe Biden: 47 years, cov-19, empathetic leadership and divided America
January 15, 2021
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Former vice president Biden was few in the Democratic party’s first choice when he entered the 2020 presidential campaign in 2019. His start out of the gate was slow, and at times painful. His younger rivals taunted him, and their verbal jousting left Biden looking diminished, and yes old.

During 50 years long career in politics, Biden was active with compromises and adjustment with political groups. He must have corporate rivals and well-wishers for the ultimate benefit.

By picking up Kamla Harris as vice president, Biden had shot the target. He won the election and open the door for all women to reach to this level. what a move!.

keep himself away from the lime light and serve a nation for decades with humanity and humbleness.

Biden’s personal tragedy makes him a more empathetic leader. He can deeply connect with any American with an empathetic approach. His 3 H philosophy can be shown here widely in practices.

Today, he is facing the biggest challenges. A right man enters into position at the wrong time. Especially, a series of challenges are on the ground to face.

The biggest challenge is moral leadership. Ethics, values, and code of conduct in personal and professional life have dramatic value. This shall be established by this gentle leader.

Establishing the Moral value of the USA is the biggest challenge for him in the first 100 days. Entire world is waiting for the most peaceful oath-taking ceremony.

Biden also knows how to govern. His 47-years in elected office—used by Republicans as an insult—will become his advantage. Biden and his team know how Washington works. Their first test will be how they mobilize resources to fight Covid-19.

Biden has many other issues facing him, including rebuilding relationships with foreign allies who have stood by our nation in times of need. Biden is a realist and knows friends from foes. He knows that our world needs cooperative policies to address issues that affect the entire world, such as climate change and the environment. Biden views negotiations as win/win propositions.

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