Marissa Mayer Takes On Yahoo!
July 22, 2012
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Marissa MayerMarissa Mayer. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The big story in corporate leadership this week was Marissa Mayer‘s hiring from Google to become chief executive officer of Yahoo! At Forbes Leadership we got right on it. Shortly after the appointment was announced, Dorie Clark weighed in with “Three Reasons Why Marissa Mayer’s Hiring Is a Huge Win for Yahoo!,” and George Bradt offered the new boss some advice in “Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer’s New Leader’s 100-Day Action Plan.” Carmine Gallo explored her greatest virtues in “Google’s Marissa Mayer: Three Leadership Traits She’ll Bring to Yahoo!” Christopher Correa added that “Marissa Mayer’s Pregnancy Doesn’t Have to Be Sexism Fodder,” and Dorie Clark drew lessons from that angle of the story: “Announcing You’re Pregnant at Work? Follow Marissa Mayer’s Playbook.” Sasha Galbraith also looked for broader implications, with “The Debate Continues: Can Women Really Have It All?” But Josh Bersin deplored Yahoo!’s lack of succession planning, in “What Yahoo! Teaches Us About Leadership Development,” and Adam Hartung threw some cold water on all the excitement with “Do Not Buy Yahoo!—At Least Not Yet.”

The presidential race remains a big leadership story, too, of course. This week Steve Denning was so generous with his advice he gave us both “How Mitt Can Win” and “How Obama Can Win.” John Kotter contemplated “Romney’s V.P. Pick: What Makes for a Successful No. 2?,” and Baizhu Chen urged, “Leave China Out of It, Mr. Romney.” Meanwhile Adam Hartung took on the chief of Chase: “Jamie Dimon Just Told Us Not to Own JPMC (or Most Any Bank).” Rahim Kanani interviewed Barry Salzberg, the “Global CEO of Deloitte on Supporting United Way, Leadership, and CSR.” Allen Adamson shared the wisdom of “Ron Johnson on Lessons Learned From Apple About Gaining an Edge as a Retail Brand.” Steve Denning drew together “Storytelling, Knowledge Management, and World Bank President Kim.” John Baldoni turned to a fictional leader for “Keep Your Inner ‘Jack Donaghy’ in Check When Leading Others,” and Geoff Loftus went even farther into the imaginary, I’d say, with “Four Leadership Lessons From Aragorn.”

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