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Should you ditch that to-do list app for a paper planner—or scrap both entirely?
October 27, 2017
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On July 18, Henry Schein CEO Stanley M. Bergman became Chief Executive’s 32nd CEO of the Year. This is his acceptance speech.

Right now, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is reshaping our world by accelerating the pervasiveness of technology. We as business leaders have a responsibility to be engaged in the shaping of society.

So here is my appeal to all business leaders: We cannot leave people behind.

yesterday, i was talking to one of the professional Mr. Hardik at Canada. He was sharing about people. He said; every hour is reporting system. Team players have to produce every hour. So, Productivity, reporting and commitment all are find in alignment.

Good one !

A great to-do list, after all, is worthless if you don’t manage your time well. “One of my workflow secrets is setting time limits,” Yunha Kim, CEO of meditation app Simple Habit, says. “At a startup like ours, we always have never-ending lists of to-dos, and it’s often just not feasible to fully finish a task in one sitting.”

In other words, be patient. Figuring out a to-do list system that works for you is a skill like any other–one that even the most productive leaders need to spend time honing. “Managing a day-to-day workflow and to-do lists takes months and years to become good at as a business leader,” points out Riana Lynn, CEO of the food-sourcing software company FoodTrace.

As she sees it, that means prioritizing some things that may never make your daily to-do list–including self-care. “Sleep and good food and meditation and family balance and creativity ” Lynn adds, “is the first key to all of this.”

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