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Learnings for Adults
Three ‘c’: courage, continue, and counts.
October 12, 2020
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i do agree with the concern that failure had built me. my character is developed by failure. I do come to know that failure had the power to recognize people around me and created various events in life. my story is not created overnight. it has taken years. I do agree with an idea that […]
Learnings for Adults Life Management
Rejection: overcome at any cost, finally, it is thinking to be ended.
July 5, 2018
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According to psychologist and author Dr. Lisa Firestone, “Nothing awakens hurts like a close relationship. Our relationships stir up old feelings from our past more than anything else. Our brains are even flooded with the same neurochemical in both situations.” She posits that our style of attachment, formed early in life, influences which partners we […]
Leaders often fall into one of five styles
July 8, 2013
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They include the sports coach, driver director, and mentor and country clubber The best style is dubbed eclectic, a combination of the styles based on circumstances Good leaders are hard to come by. Just ask most people who have bosses or who look to someone to lead their organization. Some of the complaints you hear […]
November 6, 2012
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Performance key to future If you did not play to win, someone is waiting to replace you. The inexorable rule is to perform or perish at the place where you are. Your performance counts every day. There is scope for improving your standards every day. Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu (died 1964) was one of the greatest […]