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guru(Mentor) and Teacher: Responsible and Responsibility.
July 23, 2021
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A teacher instructs you! A guru constructs you! A teacher answers your questions! A guru questions your answer! A Teacher gives you things you do not have and require! A Guru takes away things you have and do not require. A Teacher takes responsibility for your growth! A Guru makes you responsible for your growth. […]
Darkness: the world is in need of more lights.
November 26, 2020
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Keep shining. The world is in need of more lights. I know It is painful, But you are not falling apart, You will be more beautiful with new cleavers and capacity. You have no right to dim your light. You cannot move with unpolished shoes and rapper clothes. You have no right to rapped up […]
Learnings for Adults
Reverse gear: good to use when you are blocked in life.
November 14, 2020
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life is a journey in so many ways. But any way you select to travel but treat it as the most important and decent way. You have decided to travel on the path. Now it could have obstacles and challenges on the road. Whatever comes, accept it and accommodate it. people who had not to […]
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EXCUSES: 100% responsible for your success.
October 30, 2020
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No lies No reasons No debate NO questions NO arguments Only results. We are living in an era of accomplishments not trying. A person believes in performances and progress will not stop with excuses. A person finds a way and makes an effort. Excuses cannot create success. Accomplishment of a mission is only possible by […]
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Pursuing greatness.
October 23, 2020
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I was pondering over my inbox at 4 a.m. in Toronto, Canada. There was absolute calm amid cold with pin-drop silence. It was one of those moments where I have occupied meeting myself. The spotlight was on introspection, re-scheduling, and redefining life. Questions bombarded my mind. I was forced to think whether I am original […]
Learnings for Adults Motivation
legacy: as good as the character.
October 15, 2020
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I’ve always said that the power of a person’s life is the stories they leave behind. Along those lines, I’ve pulled together lines from my mind here….. Despite the way that the lives and legacies of the famous grab our attention, every single one of us leaves a legacy. We influence people every day by […]
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Fire! Fire! Fire!.
October 13, 2020
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Fire within is everything. Fire is not the opposite of adversity, it’s a part of success. inside burning desire is able to make difference outside. inner desire to create an empire outside is much more important than any kind source. I used to say that start from where you are and what have you I […]
Learnings for Adults Life Motivation
I am in the search of world where someone is listening pain of the other one in the middle of the night.
September 13, 2020
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Dr Shailesh Thaker 8:37 AM (44 minutes ago) to Shailesh Viktor Frankl, one of the great psychiatrists of the twentieth century, survived the death camps of Nazi Germany. His little book, “Man’s Search for Meaning”, is one of those life-changing books that everyone should read. Frankl once told the story of a woman who called […]
Learnings for Adults Life Management
Victoria Azarenka @ 31. YES! you can strike after 7 years.
September 12, 2020
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Today was the most inspiring day. I have seen two great things. 1/ Victoria Azarenka and Serena Williams both are married and found fit absolutely. 2/ one is trying to create more records and another is trying to come back after 7 years. Learning from professionals is a rare opportunity in life. Especially, sports stars […]
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Money: the most powerful source and force behind the world.
August 8, 2020
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When money talks there are only a few interruptions. Yes!. In the 21st century, this is the truth and fact of life. Money has the power to make things smooth from hard. My life is a witness to a couple of events and seen such things. An average person has an interruption in work at […]
It’s always good to live in Picasso zone
October 20, 2012
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Get lost. Don’t be available to whosoever wants to meet you. I often spend hours at a time in the solitary. I am excellent with myself. Solely to myself. I turn off my communication devices and think, create, plan and write. Zero interruptions. Focus undisturbed. Great is the results. You need to be normal and […]