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Dr. shailesh Thaker : a creator to be known at least one time.
December 5, 2018
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What are your timings to write down? Morning 4 a.m. on wards. I am good till afternoon. I am excellent in morning. What had inspire you to write down? Swami Satyla Sankalp dasji and Japanese spiritual guru Okawa . They have share an idea, that, what will happened with the knowledge when you will die […]
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How is your spirit to excel? Spirit is everything
June 24, 2016
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Many people who excel are self-taught. Are you inner driven person? Are you suggesting your selves. ? Are you inspiring yourself, everyday, to do more hard work, to reach to new level of success. Your each moment shall be spare to excel in life. You need to live life well. To live at fullest you […]
Goodness and Internal Transformation
July 9, 2009
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Tuesday night was Purnima (Full Moon day), I went to temple to pray God. Outside the temple, we removed shoes and we got into the temple without shoes. Near the shoe-stand, I saw an old lady sitting with lotus to sell out to customers, who went inside the temple for prayer. I took “Lotus” and […]