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Example: what is your message to yourself from them?
May 21, 2021
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Give me an example of a company or person in your industry that you’re envious of…” Follow that with: “Why are you envious of them..?” Then, in your close… paint a mental picture, that working with you, over the next 12 months, will result in them being / having what they described they’re envious of. […]
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Dr. shailesh Thaker : a creator to be known at least one time.
December 5, 2018
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What are your timings to write down? Morning 4 a.m. on wards. I am good till afternoon. I am excellent in morning. What had inspire you to write down? Swami Satyla Sankalp dasji and Japanese spiritual guru Okawa . They have share an idea, that, what will happened with the knowledge when you will die […]