Tappsi Pannu : real life & reel life is different
September 30, 2017
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Tapsee Pannu asserted very well truth of life while sharing experiences of Judva- 2 , latest Bollywood film.

Film is on screen and must be entertaining audience. But i would like to share few great learning from Tapsi pannu related with life management. Great management lessons are demonstrated by her. Huge difference between real life and role life could be feel.

1/ Regular work out

Daily doing exercises and sports and work out for 150 minutes.It was begun from day-1 of film and continue till the last scene of film. 90 minutes for squash game and 60 minutes for gym exercises.

2/ value addition

Shooting is continue for minimum 8 hours as it is a practice for film industry. All payments are connected with shift working. each shift is of at least 8 hours. You have to do value addition after regular practices.

3/ Excellent nutrition practices.

She left glutton and lactose during film. She was trying here level best to reduce unnecessary fat on body.

4/ Outside showcase is not easy

To show external beauty , you have to follow lots of discipline, hard work, home work and mental control.

5/ Role performance is everything.

Role is expected to deliver at it’s best at any cost. You have to play your role. Role performance is everything.

6/ change image

New get up and breaking your images through other role play. You must have created certain image in the mind of people. Each role is an opportunity change that image.

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