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What was Enzo Ferrari’s great secret?
September 15, 2017
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…Why does Ferrari only produce 7,000 vehicles each year?

…What’s the real reason these cars are so very special?

….What can make you master and increase achievement in your life.

Peak Performance Assets model that has helped the billionaires and icons, i believe in results. What could be your peak perofrmance development model?

1/ 1. Enzo Ferrari started racing late at age 20, but had been dreaming about it since he was 10.
After watching rickety racers scramble around the track in 1908 at the Circuit of Bologna, Enzo swore to his father that he would someday become a racing driver. In the ten years that followed, Enzo survived World War I, the loss of his father and brother to the flu pandemic of 1918, and his own near death brush with the illness before joining CMN (Construzioni Meccaniche National), a small car manufacturer with a penchant for racing. Enzo worked in their factory, scrapping trucks into small cars, and was offered a chance to race their 15 hp open wheeled racer. He accepted.

2/ Never short for enemies, Enzo faced his fiercest rivalry with Henry Ford II.
Ford tried to buy Ferrari, but negotiations broke down at the 11th hour over Enzo’s control of the racing team. What followed was the ultimate captains of industry grudge match, and it led directly to the GT40.

3/ Enzo famously said “Aerodynamics are for people who can’t build engines.” Ironically, the last car Enzo ever built before his death, the F40, was the most aerodynamic car of its era.
A lot of people still consider the 200 mph icon the ultimate Ferrari, even though it didn’t have a V12. If there was ever a car that embodied the conflicted, wonderful, tortured genius of Enzo Ferrari, this is it.

You have to spread-en your wings. you need to become giant and more giant. You have to be in the top 3 people of your industry in the world.

what team you have to develop.

what team work you have to commit.

what style you have to follow.

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