March 12, 2010
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When it comes to how much pleasure we get out of life, it’s the women who talk away smiling. But the difference between women’s happiness and men’s happiness is only 15 minutes a day, reprots the courier mail.

Accroding to social policy research Centre fellow Roger Pattulny , from the university of New South Wales, both men and women enjoying televisionand hanging around the house – however, men have more ” negative” time during their day.

” I fyou add up all the times to gether – the good times and the bad times – men have about 10 minutes less that they enjoy than women in a day six minutesmore that they dislikes,” he said, both sexes like their leisure – looking after children and voluntary work – but women did it more pleasureable actvities .” Women try to enjoy the things that they do  with their time more than men do.”

Thew biggest negative for owmen is house work of 90 minutes of it everyday.

The difference may be that men tend to be more socially disconnected because they sp[end less time with families and friends and are more likely to see themsleves as lonely, he said.

Sasha Kahan , 28, agreeed that it all came doen to socialising, adding  ” girls like tochat with each otehr….it si very comforting when you do have that net work and can of fload.”Her husbank has listed three top activities for happiness were going out, sex, and workin

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