Thaker’s insights along with his business experience as a Silicon Valley disrupter, a bestselling researcher at the global level, design IN-HOUSE MENTOR LAB, and his role as the TOPMOST 500’s first-ever Chief Mentor Experience, make him the best keynote speaker to assure success at your event.

Business Transformation: Drive Change, Growth & Culture of VALUE CREATION

• Empower TEAM at every level to make change happen.
• Transform actions into results, Productivity & Action.
• It’s no longer safe to play it safe.
• RESULT is the language of current affairs.

Most Admired: Building Great Customer & Employee Engagement

• An Experience Defines your BRAND
• Every customer touchpoint differentiates your business.
• Believe in 5 P policy. profit and people and products will shape your ideas.
• Knowing what your MVP’s value in your brand

Fanatic Team Sales Growth: from Good to Great to Most ADMIRED

• How world-class teams generate unstoppable growth.

• Be a self-starter and the speed of the engine is the speed of the train.
• 7  tools to grow into 7 matrices.
• Discovering craves, curve. customer, credits, and Cash.