family can add value in you.

Last night I saw a Chevron charge on my AMEX alert, and I was annoyed.
If you have a child with Apple Pay then you understand.

But that feeling passed quickly.

I remembered years ago, when Dylan was young we had pulled into a gas station on a bright Sunday afternoon. 

I jumped out to pump the gas, and a criminal jumped into my car and stole my phone, wallet, keys and purse, all while Dylan sat in his car seat strapped in the back.

I watched my son full of fear for a long time.  He thought he was about to be taken from me. He could have been taken but thank God they left him and the car with me at the gas station. 

It took years before he would go to a gas station with me again.

I remembered this when I was annoyed I was paying for his gas for his jeep.  
I remembered how much things can improve with time.

No matter what, things will change.

Things will improve and get better with time.

Also, learn from my experience to always lock your car door when you get fuel.

I immediately felt grateful that I get to have a son who knows how to pump his own gas with confidence and I get to pay for it. He is no longer afraid. 

Instead he is empowered to make better decisions than I did. 

He locks his car door